Widely-Spaced Cleavage

Cleavage can be defined in several ways. In the most broadly accepted definition, cleavage is made up of the medial portion of each breast and the tissue in between. In this area, the pectoralis muscle attaches to the sternum. For some of our breast augmentation patients in Sacramento, this attachment is widely spaced; in others it is closer.

During breast augmentation, implants are usually placed under the muscle. While the bottom part of the muscle is detached in order to allow the implant to be positioned, the medial attachment to the sternum should not be disturbed. What this means is that your breast implants can be no closer together than the attachment of your pectoralis muscle to the sternum.

If breast implants are placed above the muscle, they can be moved a bit closer together. However, today, most patients prefer placement under the muscle.  Therefore, while every effort will be made to create your desired look, some things simply can’t be changed. Implants generally need to be placed behind the areola or your nipples won’t look centered on your breasts.

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