Very Little Breast Tissue

When planning breast augmentation with a woman who has very little breast tissue, great care and consideration is required to achieve natural results.

If you are one of these Sacramento breast enlargement patients, it’s important to know and expect that your “new” breasts will be primarily occupied by your implants. If you wish, a very round breast can be created – typically by using a “high profile” silicone implant or overfilling a saline implant.

No matter what goal you may have for your new look, natural results can still be achieved by properly selecting an implant that meets your desires. Since most of your new breasts will be composed of implants, you may be among the many women who choose silicone implants, as they tend to feel more natural than saline models. Also, saline implants can be more prone to rippling. Click to read about breast implants and how to choose the right one for you.

Before & After Photos

Whether you ultimately select saline or silicone, Dr. Kaufman will most likely recommend placing your implants below the muscle to better camouflage them.

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Can you anticipate beautiful, natural-looking results even if you start with very little breast tissue? Click to view breast augmentation photos of some of our real patients before and after surgery to find out. You may also want to read testimonials to hear how our patients feel about their new figures.

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