Tubular Breasts

The definition of “tubular breasts” means that in terms of shape, the breasts appear to have a narrow base and the tissue itself seems as though it’s constricted. The inframammary fold, where the breast attaches to the chest wall underneath, is unusually high and the areola is often larger than normal. For many women, the best way to describe their tubular breasts is to compare them to Snoopy’s nose. In fact, tubular breasts are sometimes referred to as “Snoopy breasts.”

For most women with tubular breasts, also called tuberous breasts, it’s not enough to plan a simple augmentation with breast implants. Sacramento women wishing to reconstruct their tubular breasts often need internal incisions to release the constricting tissue and create the desired outcome. In cases of severe tubular breasts, a breast lift can be performed through an incision around the areola, giving the breast a more pleasing, round shape.

Because of the deficiency of breast tissue in women with tubular breasts, below the muscle is the preferred placement for breast implants and Sacramento women typically choose silicone implants because they tend to maintain their shape better than the saline alternative.

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Many women with tubular breasts endure years of embarrassment before considering plastic surgery seriously. Dr. David Kaufman encourages you to make an appointment to see him before you spend much more time dealing with this issue. He will take his time to explain to you his surgical technique for fixing your tuberous breasts and answer any remaining questions you might have.

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