The Perfect Breasts

The term “perfect breasts” means something different to each and every one of us and for many women considering breast surgery in Sacramento, it can be difficult to describe.  For that reason, women often use photos to illustrate their desired results. At Kaufman Plastic Surgery, we agree that photos are an important part of the surgical planning process, and therefore we invite you to browse our photo gallery and bring with you pictures of breasts that match your desired outcome, when you visit us.

Though every woman has her own specifications for what constitutes “perfect breasts,” there are some general characteristics to look for when you’re planning a breast enhancement procedure. Cosmetic surgery results should create breasts that are symmetrical – in volume, shape and dimension. The nipple-areola complex should be proportionate in size to the breast mound and nipple height should be right in the center of the breast mound itself.

Restore, Reduce or Reshape?

Dr. Kaufman works with many women who were once happy with their breasts, but now find their shape has, over time, become far from perfect as their skin has stretched and breasts began to sag. This natural process can be reversed with a breast lift, which makes it so your breasts no longer lie on the chest wall and your nipples no longer sag below the breast crease.

There are also patients who have been unhappy with their breasts for years. For women with overly large breasts, satisfaction includes a more proportionate look and the increased comfort that come with a breast reduction.

Patients who feel their breasts are simply too small or “empty” after pregnancy or weight loss, seek an improved self-image and increased feeling of femininity through breast augmentation. In this case, the breasts do not droop and nipple height is typically around 18 to 20 cm from the sternal notch. For many patients whose body structure is fairly normal, the results can often be spectacular.

Before & After Photos

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