Synmastia Repair

Synmastia is a term used to describe the joining of the breasts at the midline–a problem created by the over dissection of the central pocket during breast augmentation. It can happen when breast implants are placed below or above the muscle, but it’s purely a problem caused by surgery.

Synmastia is caused when a pocket is created too close to the midline. Once the tissue over the sternum is lifted up, it can be very difficult for it to be returned to its place. As a result implants may appear to join each other in the center of the chest, sometimes even creating the look of one large implant. Thus, synmastia is occasionally called “breadloafing” or even “unibreast” or “uniboob.”

Repairing synmastia is a challenge. Once the skin bridge over the sternum has lifted, it is hard to anchor it back down and because of this there are two primary schools of thought. One is to remove the breast implants and allow everything to heal again, which is a good strategy for patients who are dealing with the problem early on. For women who have endured synmastia for a longer period of time, there are other techniques for improving breast appearance. At Kaufman Plastic Surgery in Sacramento, we often use Strattice or another skin replacement to tack the medial skin back down.

The specific technique Dr. Kaufman decides to use depends greatly on the degree of synmastia present.

Even though synmastia is somewhat rare, it happens to women across the country, including here in Sacramento. It’s a sad truth that plastic surgery in California can legally be performed by physicians whose formal training is in another field of medicine and whose hands-on experience is limited. That’s why Dr. David Kaufman urges you to choose a well-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon whenever you’re considering surgical changes to your appearance.

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