Pectus Excavatum

For some women in Sacramento, breast augmentation planning could include a discussion of a special condition called “pectus excavatum” and how it can affect a surgical outcome. Simply put, pectus excavatum is a central inward depression in the rib cage. It can be very slight or very severe and all degrees in between. In a very severe case, this chest configuration may compress the heart, reduce lung volume and impair normal function. Most cases are less pronounced, and therefore those with the condition are most often unaffected.

After breast augmentation surgery, breast implants point outward from a line drawn tangent to the chest wall at the location of the areola. What this means, is if you have a chest that curves inward, your implants will face a bit more inward and you’ll have more cleavage compared to someone with a flatter chest. When selecting breast implants, it’s important that you not go too large, as large implants can accentuate pectus excavatum and may even cause your breasts to touch in the middle.

Today there are many options for making changes to your physique, but modifying the shape of your rib cage usually isn’t one of them. You can, however, learn more about your body type, as well as the procedure you’re considering and make informed decisions. In the greater Sacramento area, a breast enhancement consultation at Kaufman Plastic Surgery can be a great way to get started.

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