Larger Frame

The larger your frame, the more likely you are to have large breasts. Of course there are many exceptions to this generalization and if you’re a woman with a large frame and small breasts, you’ve probably thought often about breast augmentation.

Dr. David Kaufman works with many large-framed women in the greater Sacramento area who are considering breast implants to help them achieve their desired look. Plastic surgery planning includes careful consideration of the right implant, and if you have a large frame, chances are your breast base is broad, even if your breasts are smaller.  Therefore, it’s important to choose an implant that adequately fits the full width of your chest.

Generally, patients with large frames benefit from “moderate profile” implants. These implants have volumes that are distributed more broadly. As you and Dr. Kaufman discuss your surgical options, it’s important to not be too distracted by numbers. As implants get bigger in their category – moderate, moderate plus or high profile – they tend to get wider rather than projecting further out from the chest wall. If your frame is wide, you may need a larger implant to get the change you desire.

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