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Some Kaufman Plastic Surgery patients are interested in the dramatic changes that can be created with large breast implants. For Sacramento, CA women considering this option, it is imperative they know all the facts and have a realistic assessment of what implants can and cannot do, as well as what’s possible in one operation.

First, it’s important to understand that there’s no definition of what a large breast implant is. It’s all a question of proportion. For someone who is 5’0″tall and weighs 110 pounds, a 400cc implant may indeed be large. However, that same size breast implant may not even make a noticeable difference on a patient who’s 5’8” tall and weighs 160 pounds.

For women considering large breast implants in Sacramento, the real key is selecting one that achieves the desired look. Further, it’s vital to choose an implant with a base diameter equal to your natural breasts. If the base dimension is too big, it will cause your breasts to protrude from the side of your chest and appear unsightly.

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Saline implants have the ability to create a more projecting breast. “High profile” saline implants can be overfilled to bring about more dramatic changes. With silicone implants the “high profile” category is also the most projecting, but as you go bigger in that category the implants grow in width more than in projection. It’s wise to understand the implant that’s recommended for you and why it’s the right fit.

Before making any big decisions, it’s important to think through all aspects of breast augmentation, including longevity. Implants do not stop time or gravity. The bigger your breasts, the more likely they will sag over time. If you elect to have large implants, be sure you’re ready to care for your breasts through the years. If you don’t, you may need revision surgery in the future.

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