Large Areolas

Ideal breasts display proportion with regard to volume, shape and features. However, sometimes areolas are disproportionately large for a particular breast size, and therefore can cause embarrassment. In the hands of a skilled Sacramento plastic surgeon like Dr. Kaufman, areolas can be made smaller, as can nipples if so desired.

During breast augmentation, the entire breast is enlarged. If your areolas are large to begin with, that will not change during breast augmentation. However, if you choose to undergo breast surgery and prefer to decrease the size of your areolas, it is possible to do during the procedure. Dr. Kaufman will make a circumferential incision around the areola and remove the extra tissue while closing the incision. Sometimes this procedure is better performed as a minor surgery subsequent to your breast augmentation. If performed as a secondary procedure, the size can be more precisely determined and the scars could heal better; they won’t be under tension—compared to when your implants are newly inserted.

If you’re considering a breast reduction or a breast lift with or without implants, this is the perfect opportunity to reduce your areolas while relocating them to a more aesthetically pleasing position.

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