Breast Enhancement for Bodybuilders

Dr. David Kaufman works with a number of athletes including bodybuilders. Thus, when planning breast augmentation with this unique group of patients, he knows that among the most important aspects of surgery are the careful selection and placement of breast implants. Sacramento bodybuilders can come to Kaufman Plastic Surgery with confidence that their needs will be addressed.

Bodybuilders often have little breast tissue to start with, and at the same time, they tend to have very well developed pectoralis muscles. Therefore, when breast implants are placed below the muscle and the pectoralis muscle is flexed, the implants are “depressed” and may look a bit funny. With repeated deformation, the implants can even migrate laterally (to the side).

Before & After Photos

For this group of patients, our goal is to strike the right balance between the desire for larger breasts and a natural appearance. For that reason, smaller implants placed above the muscle tend to be a good solution. The implants provide the desired volume, and by being placed above the muscle, tend to look bigger than they would if placed below the muscle. Read more about placement of implants and selecting the right implant.

Another consideration about post-op results – there typically isn’t a lot of breast tissue to hide the breast implants. Sacramento women who are bodybuilders find silicone implants are usually a better choice than saline, in order to limit visible ripples. Not only that, with implants placed above the muscle, most women find silicone implants feel softer and more natural than saline models.

In any case, Dr. Kaufman can show you pictures of women with a shape and build similar to yours so you can see possible results.

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If you’re a bodybuilder, there’s every chance that our board-certified plastic surgeon is the right surgeon for you. Dr. Kaufman focuses on natural results as well as safety, and he has a deep appreciation for strong, healthy bodies. Request a consultation and meet with him soon.

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