Asymmetric Breasts

There are very few breasts that are identical twins. Most have at least some degree of asymmetry, as almost any Sacramento cosmetic surgeon will tell you. Asymmetries can be found in the underlying rib cage, the breast mounds and/or the nipple position. What’s important to consider is that while most patients may not recognize small asymmetries, once breast augmentation is complete, these differences may appear more evident.

Volume asymmetry is generally easy to address. Different size implants, perhaps with differing profiles, can be used to correct the discrepancy. Dr. Kaufman typically uses sterile temporary implants called sizers during surgery. These implants come in all shapes and sizes and can be filled with saline to help determine which implant should ultimately be used. This gives Dr. Kaufman the opportunity to confirm his selected size is right for the patient.

For women with nipple asymmetry, a unilateral nipple elevation – called a circumareolar mastopexy – may be best to create the desired result. The procedure removes a crescent of skin from above the lower nipple, and when the incision is closed, the nipple is raised to be equal to the height of the other nipple. The operation is ideal for correcting small vertical discrepancies of about 1 to 2cm; it’s not the solution for correcting your droopy breasts.

For patients with larger asymmetric breasts who would benefit from a breast lift, Dr. Kaufman often recommends similar sized implants on both sides and an adjustment to the remaining breast tissue. Having each breast similarly constructed is best for longevity of results. For women with very severe asymmetry, different breast implants can be used.

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