Types of Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation tops the popularity list for breast surgery in Sacramento and across the United States. However, breast lift and breast reduction procedures are consistently popular as well. For most women, breasts play a big part in both how they look and how they feel about their bodies. Feeling satisfied with your figure instead of frustrated and self-conscious can make a big difference and improve your overall happiness.

Breast surgery has become increasingly straightforward and safe over the years, with independent studies showing that a majority of patients are extremely satisfied with the outcome of their procedures.

  1. Breast augmentation is chosen by more than a quarter million women each year in the U.S., and it’s the procedure we perform most often at Kaufman Plastic Surgery in Sacramento. Breast augmentation increases the size of your breasts with the use of an implant, either silicone or saline, and breasts can be made slightly bigger or significantly bigger, depending on your goals and of course, your anatomy.
  2. Breast lift surgery lifts droopy breasts to a higher placement on the chest and with the addition of an implant, add upper pole fullness to the breasts.  This is a great procedure to give your breasts a more youthful, perky appearance with a great shape.
  3. Breast reduction surgery is a great option for women who want smaller, perkier breasts without the fullness on top. This procedure can mean a whole new look and outlook for you if your overly large breasts have limited your physical and social activities in the past.
  4. Special considerations include those aspects of your anatomy that make you unique. Whatever your particular need, chances are we’ll know how to handle it.

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A Word About Cup Size

Cup size is a bit of an arbitrary thing when it comes to breast surgery because it differs from one woman to another based on chest width, body type, and other physical factors. While it’s nice to know what you feel your ideal cup size should be, when you come in for your consultation we’ll discuss size in detail with you the different variables that come into play when choosing the implant that is right for you and help you envision your possible results. Keep in mind, a size that sounds quite large may be just right on a larger-framed woman, while one that sounds small may be a perfect fit for someone who’s petite. We’ll talk you through this all-important decision and help you find the size that is right for you.

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