Breast Reduction Expectations

Increased physical comfort and more clothing choices are among the many benefits patients enjoy following breast reduction surgery. Sacramento women often report that the results of their surgery exceed their expectations and include:

  1. Improved body image and self-confidence
  2. Renewed interest in a variety of physical activities
  3. Better overall quality of life

Dr. Kaufman finds that a majority of patients are extremely satisfied with the results of their breast reduction surgery in Sacramento. Call us at (916) 983-9895 or contact us online to learn if breast reduction surgery could be right for you.

Prepare for the New You

The more research you do prior to selecting a plastic surgeon and undergoing your procedure, the happier you will be in the end. Learn more about Dr. Kaufman, and read the articles about breast surgery that we have compiled for you. Then, when you are ready, request your consultation with Dr. Kaufman.

Dr. Kaufman agrees: clear, open communication with your plastic surgeon is the single most important factor in achieving the results you’re looking for. Request a time to come meet with him at his office located at 2220 E. Bidwell Street in Folsom. He’s ready to listen, advise, answer questions and start you on your way to the new you.