Breast Lift Risks

Though every surgical procedure involves risk, breast lift procedures typically pose a very low degree of risk. Nevertheless, complications associated with anesthesia, bleeding, fluid collection, infection and other factors can arise, just like they can in any type of surgery.

If you’re like most Kaufman Plastic Surgery patients, you’ll experience no problems with your breast lift. Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. David Kaufman wants you to be familiar with what’s possible, however, so you can make fully informed decisions and be prepared for any eventuality.

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Specific Risks of Breast Lift Surgery

Risks associated specifically with breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, are:

  1. Unfavorable scars: With breast lift surgery, incisions – and therefore scars – are necessary. However, most patients find their scars acceptable and fairly unnoticeable after some time has been given to heal and fade. In a few cases, patients are dissatisfied with the look of their scars, which is attributed to infection, tension on the wound, genetic factors or other influences. Nevertheless, there are techniques that can help to smooth scars including: silicone tape, steroid injections and laser treatment. A scar revision via minor surgery is also possible.
  2. Hematoma (bleeding): If excess bleeding occurs, patients usually return to the operating room where bleeding can be best controlled. Small hematomas are more often than not simply watched as they typically disappear over time.
  3. Infections: Infections can be deep or superficial. Superficial infections can be treated with oral antibiotics, whereas deeper infections may require additional treatment.
  4. Changes in breast or nipple sensation: Some patients report changes in sensation. Most are temporary but it can be permanent.

Other risks that occur in a small number of cases include:

  1. Breast shape and contour irregularities
  2. Damage to nerves, blood vessels, muscles, lungs and other deep structures
  3. Fat necrosis – deep fatty tissue that does not survive
  4. Total or partial loss of nipple and areola
  5. Cardiac and pulmonary complications, deep vein thrombosis, blood clots
  6. Persistent pain

If your mastopexy involves implants, there are additional risks to consider. Learn about breast augmentation risks including implant rupture and displacement, capsular contracture and others.

Choosing Cosmetic Surgery in Sacramento

Cosmetic surgery is a decision to think through carefully. At Kaufman Plastic Surgery, we know you have many questions – that’s why we’ve gathered materials to help you with your research. Please take a moment to read independent articles we’ve collected for you, and look over our breast lift FAQ. Once you are ready, request a consultation with our skilled, caring, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kaufman. He will answer all your questions objectively and help you make the choices that work for you.

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