Breast Lift Incisions

In order to move your breast mound and nipple upward, your breast lift with Dr. Kaufman will require incisions. These incisions can be as slight as a crescent around the top of the areola or more extensive, depending on what is necessary to achieve the result you’re seeking.

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Crescent Lift

In a crescent lift, also known as a Benelli lift, the areola is repositioned higher by taking a crescent of skin out above the areola. The technique is used primarily to adjust nipple height asymmetry. It does not provide any meaningful lift for the breast itself; rather it just slides the areola up on the breast mound.

To be very clear, this procedure is suitable for just a small percentage of patients and unfortunately, due to the appeal of limited scarring, the technique is overused. Thus, when used improperly, it consistently results in poor scarring, oblong shaped areolas and unhappy patients.

Vertical Breast Lift

A vertical breast lift, also known as a lollipop, is a good choice for patients with a bit more droop. It involves an incision around the areola and a vertical limb from the 6 o’clock position on the areola down to the inframammary fold, or chest wall.

The nipple/areola remains connected to its blood supply at all times.

Wise Pattern Breast Lift

Commonly referred to as an anchor lift, the Wise pattern breast lift is suitable for patients with larger breasts who require more extensive skin remodeling. It’s also best for patients seeking breast reduction as well as a lift. In this case, the lollipop incision is made and then extended under the breast resulting in an anchor shape. Although the eventual scars are larger than the other two choices of breast lift, Sacramento women usually find their additional scars well hidden in the breast fold.

In this technique, as in the others, the nipple remains attached to the breast and is relocated upward. This attachment to the nerves and blood supply maintains viability and sensation.

Take the Next Step

Most patients have a number of questions about breast lift surgery. Sacramento women are understandably curious about how their scars will look, what recovery will be like and other aspects of surgery. They also often want to read more about breast implants and how they can provide an all-important finishing touch by adding attractive curves at the top of the breast.

You can get started by browsing information provided here. Visit our photo gallery to see what real patients look like after they’ve healed. Read about recovering from breast lift surgery. And take a look at our breast lift frequently asked questions to see if some of your concerns are addressed there.

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