Breast Lift Expectations

To many women, having a youthful figure again is chief among the benefits of a breast lift. Sacramento women often tell Dr. Kaufman they also:

  1. Welcome seeing their profile in the mirror
  2. Enjoy wearing flattering clothing
  3. Feel renewed self-confidence and satisfaction in their relationships

At Kaufman Plastic Surgery, we find that most women are very pleased with their breast lift and enjoy sharing their experience with others. As part of your own research and preparation, we encourage you to view real patient before and after photos and talk to others who have had breast lift surgery before. You can also read about the background and credentials of Dr. David Kaufman. He understands the importance of doing your homework before making any big decisions and therefore encourages you to do so.

Prepare for the New You

As a step in your research process, you may want to read patient testimonials to hear what some women have to say about surgery with us. You can also browse breast surgery articles that we have gathered for you and when you are ready, request a consultation at Kaufman Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Kaufman believes that an honest dialogue with your plastic surgeon is the most critical step in achieving your desired results. Come and visit us at 2220 E. Bidwell Street in Folsom, just north of Sacramento. We’re excited to establish the open communication and warm relationship with you that are so fundamental to the plastic surgery process.