Breast Augmentation Revision

While most women who have breast augmentation are satisfied with their results, some breast augmentation patients in Sacramento, CA may feel disappointed. Thankfully, breast augmentation revision surgery can help address complications or create a new look that is better in line with a woman’s initial vision. The team at Kaufman Plastic Surgery is dedicated to addressing your concerns and providing you with honest advice.

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Typical reasons for breast revision surgery include:

  1. Trading saline implants for silicone gel implants
  2. Dissatisfaction with implant size
  3. Capsular contracture
  4. Rippling/wrinkling
  5. “Bottoming out”
  6. Implant rupture / deflation

When you meet with Dr. David Kaufman at Kaufman Plastic Surgery, he will discuss with you your options for improvement. Every breast augmentation revision case is different, and our goal is to help you feel satisfied with your breast implants. Our Sacramento, CA revision surgery patients are delighted to learn that they too can have beautiful and natural-looking breasts, without compromise.

Take the Next Step

Dr. Kaufman knows that breast revision surgery can help many women feel happy about their appearance.

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