What to Expect at Your Consultation

Whether you’re considering breast augmentation in Sacramento or another type of enhancement such as a breast lift or breast reduction, your personal consultation is the most important step in the pre-surgery process.

During your consultation with Dr. Kaufman, you can expect for him to listen closely to your goals and concerns. He will take measurements, make careful observations, and then have an open, honest discussion with you about what can and can’t be achieved. He will discuss the pros and cons of each choice you may have available to you and will take time to answer all your questions about plastic surgery in Sacramento.

When consulting with Dr. Kaufman, below are some key questions you may want to ask:

Questions About Dr. Kaufman

  1. Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  2. How many of these breast surgeries have you done?
  3. Do you have privileges at a nearby hospital?

Questions About the Procedure

  1. Are there alternatives I should consider? Which do you think is best for me and why?
  2. Where will my procedure be performed? Is the facility accredited?
  3. Can you show me before and after photos of some of your patients?

Questions About Your Recovery

  1. What measures do you take to make recovery as smooth as possible?
  2. What happens if I experience complications after surgery?
  3. What is your policy regarding revision?

You can ask all these questions and more when you come in for your consultation with Dr. Kaufman. We’ll make sure you have the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you.

Ready right now? Call us at (916) 983-9895 and let’s get started.