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For the majority of petite women in greater Sacramento, plastic surgery means breast enlargement. After all, women with small frames usually have small breasts.

If you're a petite woman considering breast augmentation, you'll want to work with your plastic surgeon to select an implant wisely. Specifically it's important to choose an implant that's not too wide. If a wide-based implant is selected, the device will wrap around the side of your chest and create a look that is disproportionate to your shape.

For patients with small frames, saline implants can be a good choice. The surgeon has the ability to manipulate the base of certain implants by overfilling them. As the implant is overfilled, the base narrows and the projection increases. Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Clark have found that saline "moderate plus" implants overfilled slightly can be the right selection for petite patients.

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Silicone implants come pre-filled and there's no opportunity to adjust them in the same way. But because petite patients don't often have a lot of soft tissue to cover their implants, silicone implants are often desirable due to the fact that they feel softer and more natural. "High profile" silicone implants can also work well for petite patients.

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